Introducing Dr. Wahib

4 Dec

Pre-Service Training, or PST, as it is called because Peace Corps is an alphabet soup of acronyms, is the 10 weeks prior to actual Peace Corps that is a right of passage for every volunteer. It is 10 weeks of language training, technical training, medical training, host family living, safety and security training, general confusion, a lot of learning, and a bit of boredom. Into this mix steps our Medical Officer Dr. Wahib with the following presentation:

Truth bomb

Truth bomb

Followed by:

heheh- transubstantiate

heheh- transubstantiate

To get to this point:

The last point is especially poignant

The last point is especially poignant

Do you see why we love him?

Kidding aside, our medical team here is top notch. I have been lucky enough to only have been slightly incapacitated once so far. I’ll spare you the details (or you can read them here depending on your curiosity level). They are available 24/7 with all our tropical disease drug related needs. Though opening my PC Med kit was a bit of a pandora’s box. I couldn’t pronounce half the things in there; I don’t know if that makes me more or less assured.

One Response to “Introducing Dr. Wahib”

  1. apronheadlilly December 4, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    Hope you stay safe and well with no need of a doc!

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