Cooking in Peace Corps Part 2

9 Feb

No fridge, no oven, no problem! Ironically the fewer ingredients and appliances I have, the more creative I get. This could also be related to the time in the day I have available to waste experimenting on cooking now (answer: a lot).

But mostly I’m surprised by how much I can get away with that I would never have considered in America. Here is a list of things that I would have refrigerated at home that I definitely do not here, and they are totally fine:

–          Eggs

–          Butter/margarine

–          Most vegetables

–          Unopened cheese (not really fair because I either get single servings or non-fridge needing kinds from packages)

–          Mayonnaise and other condiments

–          Leftovers

–          juice

–          Milk

Ok that last one isn’t really true. If I had real milk I would refrigerate it, but because I don’t have a fridge, I have discovered the glories of powdered milk. Nestle, you got me, I’m addicted to NIDO fortified powder. I mix it with water and can make it as creamy or not as I want, use it for cereal, tea, add it to hot chocolate packets, mix with tomato paste for soup, oh man it’s great. I realize that was legitimate product placement there, but I would not complain if some savvy marketer found this blog post and shipped a lowly peace corps volunteer a few tubs of Nido… no? Worth a try, it’s expensive!

The other adjustment is using a dutch oven. Basically I bought a giant pot, and I put a smaller pot inside it on one of my stove burners so the heat gets all around it. For one of my site mate’s birthdays last week we made a cake… on a stove. Dutch ovens are cool. So you can send me muffin mix packets… if you want.

I also don’t have a sink. Chiggerellum! (No Problem) I have 2 large plastic buckets that I pretty much use for everything. I did make the mistake of putting my hot skillet into one the other day and melted a hole through the plastic… oops. Ya, you don’t really need to remember that stuff with a metal sink, but a volunteer’s best friend, duct tape, came to the rescue  on that one(special shout out for Josh and my other theater workshop friends).

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