Day and Weekend Trips of Gondar – Part 1

13 Apr

So what is a girl to do when she lives in a hub town? I can’t get out of site to do my “banking” or “buy vegetables” or “insert other excuse to leave your village here.” Of course these are all real reasons people leave site, and I’m very lucky to have these amenities in Gondar, but when I want to get outta town for a bit there are plenty of day and weekend trips of the adventure and rejuvenation variety around.

#1: Bahar Dar

Bahar Dar is a lake town about 3.5 hours by minibus away. It sits on the southern end of Lake Tana surrounded by monasteries on islands. The city is the regional headquarters for the Amhara Peace Corps Office, and boasts some nice lakeside resorts. It also has an abundance of fruit and vegetables I can’t get in Gondar (read- strawberries!). The Kuriftu resort is the favorite spot for Peace Corps volunteers to get some sun and ice cream. Just don’t tell them I’m not a member!

The Kuriftu pool

#2: Gorgora

Gorgora is a small village on the north side of Lake Tana about a two hour drive from Gondar. And by two hour drive I mean a two hour span of “road” made out of what I can only assume to be cow paths, water erosion paths, and giant holes. Should have worn a sports bra.

But once you get there, there is a lovely little resort (Tim and Kim’s Village) run by two Dutch expats with some of the best cooking in the West Amhara region. There is also a monastery on the nearest island—thought it’s males only. However, we ladies were able to take out some canoes and meet some of the local fishermen. Fresh fish for dinner!

Canoe adventure

Canoe adventure

Sunning on Lake Tana

Sunning on Lake Tana

Tim and Kim's Village in Gorgora

Tim and Kim’s Village in Gorgora

Papyrus fishing boats

Papyrus fishing boats

Buying some fresh fish for dinner from the local guy in the middle of the lake

Buying some fresh fish for dinner from the local guy in the middle of the lake

One Response to “Day and Weekend Trips of Gondar – Part 1”

  1. Maureen Crozier April 13, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    Looks like a nice respite from your daily activities in Gondar!

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