Popular Songs Around Gondar

18 May

The sensations sweeping the nation…

Holla to my home town- This is a song about Gondar, and the biddies who come from it. Yes, Gondar has a rep- it’s like an inferiority complex with Addis Ababa, but Addis Ababa don’t care. This a mix of hip hop and Amhara region dancing. Pretty cool yo.

So you know Chop my Money? Here’s the Amharic version- apparently it’s a rage all over Eastern Africa.

And moving farther south, coming out of the Southern Nations and Peoples Region is “Shaleye” which means “my something… I dont know what a shale is. But at some point they sing Dilla Dilla Dillaye, which means my Dilla, which is a city in the South where my lovely friend Alyssa is posted. Plus it has a catchy tune.

And finally, this comes from the good ole US of A, but it is the sensation sweeping the Peace Corps Nation. Enjoy Thrift Store… sometimes I think Ethiopia is one giant thrift store.

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