Texts From Last Habesha

9 Jul

As awkward and cringe worthy as ‘texts from last night,’ I bring you a compilation of the various unwanted attentions we get sent to our phone numbers from known and unknown numbers alike. I’ll keep it anonymous, but these are real text messages sent to me, my sitemates, and other volunteers from a variety of sources. Keep it together people!  Mostly we ignore, sometimes we have nice un-creepy guys answer our phones for us, and other times we have a good laugh. My thought is if you didn’t want me to put it online, you shouldn’t have sent it in the first place… I think we all deserve a little giggle after these.

A full conversation:

–          Hi mis ____ hw u doin and ma name is miracle. We meat some where on earth.

–          Mis ____ did u eat us breakfast.  if u don’t i will text u a hot dog

–          Whr r u know?

–          I don’t know how and i don’t know when but u stole ma heart and it is inside of u. plz give it back.

–          Hw do you treate if a guy loves u wz out a reason. and also u don’t know who is he. But he want to be on a date wz u.

–          Hi miss _____ how was ur day?

  • PCV Reply: Who is this?

–          Meracle from god

  • PCV Reply:  Your name

–          Im Meracle A.K.A. the awesome

  • PCV reply: How did you get my number?

–           God told me

  • PCV reply: Stop texting me. I don’t know you and I don’t want to date you.

–          Why don’t u be on a date wz me. Don’t act u got a husband.

–          Wht do u know abt love… *tried calling*

  • PCV reply: Don’t call.

–          Sorry im just mistaken ur not the right girl. And Im sory for wht i did.

(at least he was sorry! Haha)

Some random tidbits:

–          Why u no answer my calls? You know me, I am your friend from ____ and I say good nite baby

–          Let’s make love and enjoy.

–          Let’s enjoy 2gezer

–          I know your friend ____ also, I am the FBI. Do you know FBI?

  • Male PCV Question- How do I get an Ethiopian woman to dance with me?

–          Habesha response: Yeah ther is. Make sure she’s alone i.e. no male wiz her. Smile 4 her & make her smile too & surprise her in Amharic & appreciate her. After a while u’ll see her dancing wiz u. and am sorry 4 being late to text u back.


And there you have it. Ethiopians and Americans can equally embarrass themselves with a crazy text message, oh technology.

One Response to “Texts From Last Habesha”

  1. Jackie July 10, 2013 at 8:06 am #

    these are too funny!

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