African Football Needs to Stand up Against Corruption

15 Jun

My most recent piece published on Africa Agenda calls out Confederation of African Football (CAF) leader Issa Hayatou for his unwavering support of FIFA head Sepp Blatter. Given the most recent rumours that Blatter may not actually resign come Spring, the CAF needs to stand up against corruption and Hayatou all the more.

Why care about the CAF’s stance? A cross continent stand against corruption (in football) would be just one step towards a more coordinated effort against corruption generally. The African Union has made corruption in governments a priority; let’s start with a low hanging fruit in the CAF. Sports brings people together. Come together against corruption in soccer, and maybe that will spread.

Read the piece here.

One Response to “African Football Needs to Stand up Against Corruption”

  1. Louis Korzeniowski June 16, 2015 at 12:31 am #

    Bravo! We need a cross-continent fight against all forms of corruption, from soccer to dirty tenders, to jobs for friends.

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