Other Volunteer’s Blogs

If you enjoy reading my blog, check out other volunteer’s blogs from Ethiopia too. Plus they’re my friends so I’ll plug them here:


Nick C – Areka (Southern Nations) Health – Forgotten Words Ancient Melodies

Lora K – Bure (West Amhara)  Environment- Lora Kathleen

Corey Lawson – Bure (West Amhara) Health – Corey in Ethiopia

Alyssa S- Dila (Southern Nations) Health- Love Has No Limit

Danna H- Yirgelum (Southern Nations) Health – Danna’s Dahna

Ryan King – Addis Zemen (West Amhara) Environment- Every Day King

Emily Lounsbury – Bale Goba (Oromia) Health – Travellsome

Morgan Davison – Aykel (West Amhara) Health- Ethiopia One Day At a Time

Jen Klein and Josh Cook – Ambo (Oromia) Health – Jen and Josh in Ethiopia

Hannah Yang – Mekelle (Tigray) Health ICT – Fact Based Brevity

Forrest Copeland – Abi Adi (Tigray) Health – Tales from the Big Country

Caitlin Caruso – Wereta (West Amahara) Health – A Precious Human Life

Lauren Troxtel – Adwa (Tigray) Health – Lauren’s Journey Through Ethiopia

Amanda Spiegelberg – Adis Kedam (West Amhara) Health – Baby It’s A Wild World

Bill Peterson – K’Ersa (Oromia) Environment – Bill in Ethiopia

Erica Lillquist – Debre Sina (East Amhara) Health – On Wayfaring

Adrienne Hall – Hawzen (Tigray) Health – Eight Letter Words

Cassandra Nicole – Liben (West Amhara) Health – Cassieeopia

Erin Sullivan – Adet (West Amhara) Education – Change Your Thoughts & Change Your World

Lizzie Pelz – Maichew (Tigray) Health – Ferenji and Habesha World


2 Responses to “Other Volunteer’s Blogs”

  1. cassieeopia April 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    I didn’t make the cut?!

  2. Lizzie Pelz June 24, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    Hey you! How is Gondar? Feel free to add me to this honorable list.

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